How (I think) TARDIS move through Space and Time

Aug 20, 2020

With the power of dimension recursion :)

Disclaimer I’m not an astrophysicist, this is just a fun thought experiment.

Second Disclaimer This might not be exactly the right way to describe dimensions and I don’t pretend to know how they work. The 4th and 5th dimension are just an extrapolation from the first 3 dimensions.

TARDIS is a fictional time machine and spacecraft from the TV series Doctor Who.

In the TV show, the TARDIS is able to move through space and time at will, but how does it do it? How does it know what time is it at it’s target location? How does it now where to find a set of coordinates on a given time?

My answer. By moving through dimensions.

The TARDIS is able to move through dimensions and it is the very reason why it can move through Space and Time.

Let’s say that you are a 1 dimension being. From your perspective there is no up, down, left, right. It’s “you” as a single point in Space and Time.

Now let’s say that you have the means to “escape” this dimension into the 2nd one, where you have the concept of left and right. “You” as a single point now are able to move freely in this plane.

Imagine now that you move from one extreme of this line to the other and then “You” decide to go back to the 1st dimension. From the perspective of anyone in that dimension you teleported.

Now, extrapolate this idea to the 3rd dimension. You are a 2nd dimenision being who can move from left to right but suddenly you move to the 3rd dimension. Now you have an extra degree of freedom.


Imagine “escaping” to a higher dimension where is easy to just see “everything” on the previous dimension at once and have the capabilities of “go back” to that dimension but at a different location. From the perspective of anyone in that dimension you teleported.

Now, from 4th and 5th dimensions things get tricky and trippy but let’s do it.

Imagine for a second the 3rd dimension as a 1 dimension “object”. Everything in a 3rd dimension space represented as a single point.

How does the 4th dimension will look like? as a line of 3rd dimension points.

Can you do the same you did for the 1st and 2nd dimension movement? of course (hypothetically).

You as a 3rd dimension being “escape” to the 4th dimension, suddenly you have free access to that left and right of that line and you decided to move to a specific point in that line. From the perspective of anyone in that dimension you teleported.

Now, extrapolating again, the 5th dimension is nothing more than a “3D” time and space “object” which envelops the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimension.

Having access to this dimension means that you can freely move in time and space because is available to you as lower dimensions.

So, you are the TARDIS and want to go to England in 1909 to fight some weeping angels you need to go to the 5th dimension, find the X,Y,Z+T coordinates and teleport there.